New String Instruments

  1. All listed instruments are complete outfits as shipped from the manufacturer and include manufacturer’s warranty (generally from 1-5 year’s duration).

  1. Prices listed on these pages reflect current suggested retail.  Your price is generally below what you will find on the best internet sites worldwide, but will vary by method of payment.

  1. Payment methods include cash, debit, credit (all major cards accepted) or 0-30-60-90 (4 equal payment over 3 months) when secured by a credit card.

  1. Above pricing terms apply to all special order and  custom instruments.

  1. Applicable shipping costs will be added to purchases outside the Juneau area.  This special pricing is available to SE Alaska residents only.  We will not fill orders from outside Alaska.

  1. All instruments shown are in-stock and ready for purchase and shipment.  If you don’t see the model you want, call or email us for availability.

  1. We will agree to consign and resell any instrument purchased from Juneau Brass and Winds whenever you wish to sell or upgrade it.  This is especially important to clients purchasing fractional-sized string instruments!


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Page last updated 9/25/18