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Consignment/Used Instruments (see links in sidebar - above left)

  1. Let us advertise and sell your used instrument through our nationwide network. We jointly set a fair-market resale price with the seller.

  1. All instruments must be in good playable condition in order to be listed. If repairs are required prior to sale, the cost of parts and labor can be prepaid by the seller or subtracted from the final sale proceeds, at the seller's option.

  1. Consignment fee is only 19% of the final sale price.

  1. We will negotiate on owner's behalf and notify the owner prior to closing a sale for less than the asking price.

  1. Simply give us a call and set an appointment for us to look at your instrument.

  1. We are actively seeking used instruments from all sources in Southeast AK.  If you have an used instrument in your possession, call or write us to get it repaired and consigned.

  1. We guarantee to resell any instrument originally purchased through Juneau Brass if it is still in playable or fixable condition.

Want to buy a

used instrument?

Check out our list of used & consignment instruments that are IN STOCK. (click on links below - If the link does not work, that means we have sold all consignment instruments in that category.  Please check back later.)

  1. Percussion

  2. Single Reed

  3. Double Reed

  4. Flute/Piccolo

  5. Brass

  6. Strings & Fretted

  7. Keyboards & Electronics


We have new cases, mutes, stands, strings, reeds, lubricants, bows, rosin, cleaning accessories, chin pads, metronomes, tuning meters, books, mouthpieces, and much more in stock. We place frequent special orders.  If you don’t see what you are looking for in our catalog, please call or email us for additional options.  Note: This catalog is being reprinted; prices on some items may not be accurate.

See a catalog of our accessories at:

Accessories Catalog